What is the 500Men Empowerment Summit and Job Fair ?
It is a day long event to be hosted by community faith-based institutions. The Empowerment Summit will play host to the 2011 Job Fair. The Event will afford 500 Men a full day of empowering interaction where; men and women are to receive solid tools and information to go forward in resolution and in power. The day will begin with an opening breakfast, followed by solution-centered employment workshops entitled; "Employment Solutions for Veterans", "The Working Disabled-what you need to know", Entrepreneurship and "Re-entry-like you never heard it". Join the man-centered networking, fellowship, and employment opportunity event of the summer . The Summit will attract inner city men and women from the tri-state community. It will promulgate to the public and political communities that there is more work still to be done. Expect a crowd... Both men and women are invited. Registration is required.

Why is the 500 Men Empowerment Summit Important?
Men fail to adequately address their health needs.
Men need to address their issues regarding employment, and finance.
Men need to know what role spirituality plays in heading their families.
Men need to find strength, encouragement, as well as support in and from other men.
Men have selected violence as a life option.

Are there sponsors, who have supported 500 MEN? YES.
Past & Present Sponsors
JPMorgan Chase
NYC Dept. of Youth & Community Development
Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
American Cancer Society
Minister and Mrs. David Penceal
Pastor Reginald K. Gullette
Bishop Ronald Hopkins.

Are there sponsors, supporters, or businesses that
have supported 500 MEN? YES.

Past and Present Political supporters
Congressman Charles B. Rangel
Congressman Ed Townes
Senator Eric Adams
Senator Bill Perkins
Council Woman Inez Dickens
Council Woman Darlene Mealy
Councilman Robert Jackson
Councilman Charles Barren.

Past & Present Business Supporters
Sylvia's Restaurant
Alhambra Ballroom
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company
Dunkin Donuts
Harlem News Group
Alberto-Culver Company
Arenson Office Furnishings
Imagezs Of Us
The Norwalk Tent Company
The Positive Community Corporation
Shellie McDowell-Hat Depot
The Social Security Administration
Old Navy and Harlem Hospital.

Supporting Human Service Programs of the highest mention are:
The Doe Fund/Ready Willing and Able
Create Incorporated
The Fortune Society

Additional participating clients were from:
Bedford Atlantic Men's Shelter
Odyssey House
Phase Piggy Back
Pride Site
The Emma L. Bowen Community Service Center
The San Miquel Residence
The New York State Division of Parole.

What are the workshop areas?
Professionals in their field will be providing information on Employment. The primary workshop titles are:

"Employment Solutions for Veterans"
"The Working Disabled-what you need to know"
"Re-entry-like you never heard it"

An additional community support HIV Workshops and testing will be available.

Is the 500 Men Empowerment Summit open to all Men?
The Empowerment Summits are designed to reach all men and men's groups. Community organizations, churches, and agencies that provide services to men are encouraged to attend. There are no ethnic, religious, socio-economic or circumstantial barriers to restrict all Men from attending and benefiting from the event. The Summit is to provide Men with the tools for change. Be in the number!!!!

How do I register for the 500 Men Empowerment Summit?
Registration will be accepted by mail, in person, or on line at WWW.500MENEMPOWERMENT.ORG. Registration can be done on the day of the event at Touro College. This event is open to the General Public and is FREE.

How can I send money or resources to support the 500 Men Organization?
Your financial support for The 500 Men can be made by check or money order and is a tax-deductible contribution. The Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem is currently accepting donations on behalf of 500 Men. Kindly indicate 500 MEN on the check or money order. And mail to:

The Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem
c/o 500 MEN O. Cruse - Chairman
15 West 126th Street
New York, New York 10027

In kind support must first be arranged by calling 516-967-7323 and a scheduled pick-up/drop-off will be scheduled.


There will be no registration fee this year.
All are welcome to attend, but we need
you to registar so we'll have an idea
to better accomodate you.

Would you like to become a partner with
500 MEN? Then click here to complete
the form.

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Your financial support for 500 MEN can be made by
check or money order and is a tax-deductible
contribution. The Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem is
currently accepting donations on behalf of 500 MEN.
Kindly indicate 500 MEN on the check or money order.
And mail to:

The Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem c/o 500 MEN
15 West 126th Street
New York, New York 10027

For more information regarding the summit,
please contact me, Otis Cruse, Chairman, at
516.967.7323 or the500Men@aol.com

Be in the Number.

New York, NY - June 24, 2011, in its sixth year, The 500 MEN EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT at:

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine,
230 west 125th street
New York, New York 10027

Summit Workshops - 11:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Summit & Job Fair
In Harlem, Friday, June 24, 2011
From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

There will be interviews on site, so dress to impress.
For a complete detailed list of PERFORMANCE PROJECTIONS OF 2010-11 INITIATIVES, click to view the PDF.